Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gods of Rock

Being a creative mind such as myself I like to keep my hands full of projects to occupy my mind. There is the Western I am ALWAYS thinking about, and I feel I will have much to work out with that one. My mind however never stops working and I have managed to think of other stories I want to work on. One being a project titled, "Gods of Rock".

I am a huge fan of mythology and history and I absolutely love music, so I came up with an idea to write a rock opera musical with hints of action and comedy. I particularly like to listen to 80's rock bands and the like, and I enjoy Greek Myths so I decided to combine the two in a way that would seem fresh enough and funny. I am also a fan of all the animated movies that are coming out as of late so I decided to pitch this idea as an animated film. That way, I could work on the look and style of the film as well as keeping it entertaining as far as how characters look and act.

So long story short, "Gods of Rock" is about three best friends who work at a tavern at the base of Mount Olympus. Their town is sort of one of those towns who are only known because they are next to something famous. I look at it as a town on the way to Vegas who's known for their "Giant Thermometer".

These 3 guys have been best friends since they were kids and their biggest dream was to start a band and be famous for their music. Well as the fates would have it, they grow up and end up working a dead end job, which in turn only fuels their fire to become famous musicians.

The Mayor of the town decides to hold a festival and contest honoring the Gods and this year's theme is music. (how appropriate) So you basically have an ancient Greek version of battle of the bands. The winners of the contest will get to tour all the hot spots of Greece and the ancient world, performing as they go along, they will even have ancient Greek groupies, a press agent, and if they play their cards right, might even get rich off merchandising.

The only problem with the 3 best friends is that their hearts are int he right place, but they haven't found their true sound yet for their band. night they are working late at the tavern, and they witness first hand of a battle between Zeus and the Titans of old over the control of Mount Olympus. The 3 are so inspired by what they witnessed they stay up all night and write a song depicting Zeus and his epic conflict with the Titans. They now have their entry into the battle of the bands.

They get to perform their "experimental" music piece in the contest, and low and behold, they win the contest. They instantly become famous and before they go on tour, they get a message from Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, inviting them to Zeus's official coronation on Mount Olympus. So they go up on the mountain and perform their song in honor of Zeus and the "New Gods". Zeus has defeated the Titans and banished them to a prison deep within the underworld under the watch of his brother, Hades.

Zeus loves the song so much, he makes the 3 official Gods on Mount Olympus, hence the "Gods of Rock" are born. This is the part of the story where they go from garage band to rock stars. They meet all the other Gods on Mount Olympus, and the other Gods I have written to have very quirky personalities and yet still within the realm of what people expect to see of them. That's where the comedy comes in and shenanigans ensue....

Stay tuned for more to come.....(very soon, I promise)

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